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Shell invests in InstaFreight
14.01.2020 - Press Release

Shell and digital freight forwarding company InstaFreight are partnering to transform the European freight market. After successfully raising an investment from Shell’s corporate venturing arm, Shell Ventures, InstaFreight will be working together with Shell to expand their digital services to carrier companies in Europe. This investment and new partnership will help InstaFreight to accelerate its mission to digitalize the road freight space and transform the freight market.
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InstaFreight - the digital forwarding with rocket boost
07.05.2018 - Etailment

In logistics it has to go quickly. Tempo is also in demand when comparing providers and contracting. InstaFreight wants to provide the necessary speed here.
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10 German startups to look out for in 2018
14.02.2018 - Eurotransport

Logistics start-ups are starting to take away market shares from conventional companies. Their capital is their ideas, their software, their algorithms. Which business model companies pursue and in which they see their chances, trans aktuell shows in a comprehensive overview of 13 companies.
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InstaFreight - the digital forwarding with rocket boost
01.02.2018 - EU StartUps

In the beginning of this year EU-Startups took a close look at the German startup landscape with the goal to introduce you to 10 of the most promising early-stage startups that are worth paying attention to in 2018.
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InstaFreight closes EUR 8 Million Series A Round
30.11.2017 - Press Release

A private investment company invests EUR 8 million.
Maximilian Schaefer joins the management team of InstaFreight.
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Markus J. Doetsch, CTO at InstaFreight
07.11.2017 - Digitale Leute

As the CTO of InstaFreight, Markus J. Doetsch shows us the challenges of building a digital forwarding company.
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How dangerous is digitization?
25.10.2017 - VerkehrsRundschau

New technologies, innovative business models and start-ups are increasingly entering in the transportion market. Do carriers have to be afraid?
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InstaFreight - the forwarding company out of the Rocket Tower - DVZ

Rocket Internet has a new start-up in the truck forwarding business: InstaFreight. Managing Director is Philipp Ortwein.
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InstaFreight - the forwarding company of the future?
22.08.2017 - VerkehrsRundschau

With which solutions start-ups want to change logistics shows a series of VerkehrsRundschau.
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An award for pioneers of sustainability
03.08.2017 - VerkehrsRundschau

InstaFreight and Bodan Großhandel GmbH won this year's Eco Performance Award.
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Collaboration between Cargoline and InstaFreight
02.06.2017 - Eurotransport

Cargoline and InstaFreight announce their collaboration on the operational side. From now on, shipments also run via the Cargoline network.
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BVL Forum on the Transport Logistic - Start-ups present themselves
11.05.2017 - Eurotransport

The Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) invited five start-ups to pitch. In four and a half minutes the young entrepreneurs presented their business idea.
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