InstaFreight Appoints Vice President Freight Forwarding.

To drive further growth and profitability within the 3PL department.

Press Release Feb, 2023

Olivier Prigent becomes Vice President Freight Forwarding at InstaFreight

Berlin, 23 February 2023 – InstaFreight, one of Europe’s fastest growing logistics scale ups, is strengthening its management level, with a newly created position of Vice President Freight Forwarding. Olivier Prigent has been hired for the role this February, to drive further growth and profitability within the 3PL department.

Olivier Prigent, born in France in August 1973, is business fluent in German and English as well as his native language, learned the freight forwarding business from scratch. He previously spent more than a decade as Vice President IDC and Director Sales at DHL Freight Euronet.

“InstaFreight has made a name for itself in European logistics over the years, demonstrating how much new technological approaches can make European land transport better, more sustainable and more efficient. I am very proud to be part of this success story now and look forward to further developing the 3PL business together with the founding team,” says Olivier Prigent.

“We are very pleased that Olivier Prigent, who is an outstanding logistics professional, will be taking the new role in our organization. With his leadership experience and his vast commercial and operational understanding, we will have a strong foundation for managing our 3PL business, accelerate our growth and increase our profitability,” says Maximilian Schäfer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of InstaFreight.

About InstaFreight

InstaFreight is a leading digital logistics company for overland transport in Europe. Founded in 2016, the company employs more than 200 people across Europe and carries out several thousand transports per week. InstaFreight combines the transport capacity of more than 25,000 carriers in one digital platform and gives shippers access to this capacity. Through digital innovations, the Berlin-based scaleup creates transparency and efficiency within the transport process.

For shippers, InstaFreight handles transports reliably and without complications. By digitalizing the transport process, shippers benefit from efficient processes that save time and money, and a supply chain that is always visible. With InstaFreight, carriers can meet the digital needs of shippers, optimize their capacity utilization, and are paid faster at attractive freight rates.