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Types of orders

Spot Shipments
Are you looking for a one-time transportation of your goods or do you ship your freight only in irregular intervals?

Then you are right with us, as you can book your spot transports online within just a few seconds at the current market rate. We cooperate only with highly qualified carriers and you are able to track your transports live online and at any time. With InstaFreight you enjoy fast, fully transparent and reliable spot shipments within the whole European Union.

Recurring Shipments
Do you need to ship freight on a regular basis?

InstaFreight not only provides you with the opportunity to book spot shipments, but also recurring ones within the whole European Union. You will receive an individual tailored quote and in addition to competitive prices, we ensure reliability, quality, efficiency and transparency. You can track all of your shipments live online - at any time or place. We guarantee you fullest satisfaction and reliable recurring transports of your freight.

We are your expert for palletized goods!

With InstaFreight you are able to outsource your supply chain to a reliable business partner.

By using our service you can focus on your core competencies instead of wasting your valuable time and resources on finding a qualified carrier for your freight. With InstaFreight you benefit from a fast booking process as well as hassle-free and transparent transports.

Freight Types
With InstaFreight you can ship everything that can be driven under with a pallet truck or a lift truck.

You can transport things like euro pallets, pallet cages and disposable pallets. As our customer you benefit from our large offer of possible freight types. Simply provide us with your transport details and we will take care of the rest.

Our fleet


Cargo load
Euro pallets up to

Best choice, if you need a truck for the transportation of your cargo on short notice. Due to their speed, flexibility and efficiency they enjoy great popularity.


Cargo load
Euro pallets up to

7.5 trucks are compact and flexible. The included lift significantly simplifies the loading and unloading process of your freight.


Cargo load
Euro pallets up to

12t trucks enable a fast and efficient transport of your freight and enjoy great popularity as the in-between of light and heavy trucks.

40t Box / Megatrailer / Tautliner

Cargo load
Euro pallets up to

With its high load capacity the 40t truck is the best one for major challenges. It is the most popular truck type and used for more than 70% of the German road haulage.

Types of transportation

Full-Truckloads - FTL
When you book a full-truckload shipment, the carrier will transport your freight only.

Whether you fill the whole truck with your goods or not does not matter. You do not have to share the truck with other companies and the carrier transports your freight directly from location A to location B. Depending on the weight of your cargo as well as the space it occupies, you will need a FTL shipment. Of course, if your cargo fills a whole truck by size or weight, a FTL shipment is the most cost-effective solution. Furthermore, if your shipment is time- critical or if you prefer that the truck transports only your cargo, FTL is the way to go.

Less-Than-Truckload - LTL
If you do not need a whole truck for your freight, we also offer less-than-truckload shipments.

LTL transports enable you to share the space of a truck with other organizations and thereby help you to achieve economies of scale and to ship your cargo on a cost-effective basis. The disadvantage of using this transport method is that it takes longer than FTL transports, as the carrier does not ship your freight directly from location A to location B.

Consolidated Cargo - CC
Every cargo that can be transported in one piece is called consolidated cargo, e.g. barrels, boxes, pallets, etc.

CC is shipped through our CC network, which consists of more than 3,500 vehicles. During the last year, our partners conducted more than 15 M. CC shipments. If you book a CC transport you can ship a max. of six pallets with a max. weight of 1,200 kg, a max. length of 2.4 m and a max. height of 2.2 m. The loading and unloading times are specified by our shipping partners and generally take place between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.. In addition, you have the option to upgrade your shipment to an express shipment.

Transport intelligence via Track & Trace

When booking fixed routes, InstaFreight makes it possible to track your transport by using Track & Trace.
If you decide on a groupage transport, you will receive a precise status overview of your transport in your customer portal.

Telematic system
Integrations to all major telematic systems allow us to access GPS data of our transport partners directly.

InstaFreight Driver App
The InstaFreight Driver App automatically sends infor-mation about the shipment status to our system.

Merging both data sources, we provide you an extensive overview of the shipping status including ETA. Regarding all major steps and in case of unusual events, you will be instantly notified. All transport data is accessible in automatically generated performance reports.

Always know the status of your shipment –
like sitting on the passenger seat.