For Shippers

Is InstaFreight a freight exchange?
InstaFreight is more than a freight exchange. We are an online forwarding company in terms of the General German Freight Forwarding Conditions (ADSp). This means that we are your contractual partner and contact person and we ensure that your transport is carried out as agreed.

What distinguishes InstaFreight from a regular forwarding company?
We use state-of-the-art technologies to make logistics processes leaner, faster and better. This allows us to offer you an excellent service without any intermediaries. Through our website you will receive a fixed price immediately after entering your shipment details. You can book your transport directly online. We guarantee that your transport is carried out with vetted freight carriers. Reliable, efficient and transparent.

Who can ship with InstaFreight?
InstaFreight is for commercial customers only that want to send palletized goods.Just register on our website and provide us with the following information: Once we have unlocked your access, you will be able to book your shipments online with us - as simple as never before.

How is the qualilty of the freight carriers ensured?
A detailed examination is conducted before a freight carrier can drive for InstaFreight. In addition, we continuously monitor the quality of deliveries, e.g. punctuality and customer evaluations.

Which countries does InstaFreight ship to?
The following countries can be currently booked online: Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands. We are constantly expanding the country selection. For all European countries, excluding Switzerland, which are not listed in the list, we arrange transports by phone at 030-340603300 or by mail [email protected]

Are my shipments insured?
Yes, shipments with InstaFreight are insured. According to ADSp, InstaFreight is liable for damage to goods with up to 8.33 SDRs per gross kilogram. Liability is limited to EUR 1 million per damage case and EUR 2 million per damage event. If you want to insure your freight beyond the damage limit, you have the possibility to conclude an additional transport insurance in the ordering process. We calculate a fixed rate of 0.1% of the total value.

How do I get a price quote?
Log in to InstaFreight and complete the booking process. You will immediately receive a price quote and can book your transport directly online - as easy as online shopping. When changing your request, e.g. number of pallets, the price will automatically adjust. Should you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 030-340603300.

Can the price offered change after a booking?
InstaFreight offers fixed rates. Should additional costs be incurred for transport, e.g. due to long waiting times for charging (loading / unloading) of more than 60 minutes or deviations in weight or number of pallets, you will be charged accordingly.

How can shipments be cancelled?

To cancel a shipment:

Shipments can be cancelled for free 48 hours before earliest pickup date time AND if the order has not been assigned yet. The fee amounts to 1/3 of the transportation price (e.g. total price - insurance fees).

Do I choose my freight carrier?
You book with us and we take care of the rest. Our technology automatically selects the most suitable freight carrier, who fulfils your transport reliably. All of our freight carriers are continuously checked for quality so that we can offer you the best service.

Who provides the bill of lading?
As the shipper, it is your responsibility to issue the bill of lading for each shipment.

How secure is InstaFreight?
With us, your data is safe. InstaFreight follows the statutory provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) when collecting, processing and using relevant data. We also work under the highest safety standards. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

For Carriers


What is InstaFreight?
InstaFreight is an online forwarding company that applies modern technologies to make transport logistics leaner and more transparent to enable you to access more shipments. We operate exclusively under our Terms & Conditions on the basis of the General German Freight Forwarding Conditions (ADSp) 2016. For you, this means that we are your contractual partner and contact person.

What are my advantages in cooperating with InstaFreight?
InstaFreight enables you to access more potential orders and thus helps you to optimize your fleet utilization.
We offer spot and regular shipments. Furthermore, you are able to specifically look for routes on which you require backloads and add this information to your profile so that we will contact you once we find a shipment that matches your needs. Moreover, InstaFreight as your reliable partner guarantees to pay you within 72 hours of successful transport completion if you use our InstaFreight Driver App.

Who can use InstaFreight?
InstaFreight welcomes every carrier regardless of its fleet size as we have a variety of customers with differing needs. As we focus on FTL shipments, we particularly appreciate carriers having trucks of 40t permissible maximum weight. Even companies that only have sprinters (3.5t permissible maximum weight) or make use of subcontractors are able to register with us. Nevertheless, it is essential that you comply with our quality standards and are able to provide us with all relevant documents. Currently, we do not offer any loads for vehicles having a permissible maximum weight of less than 3.5t.


How do I register with InstaFreight?
Complete the registration under "For carriers" on our homepage. We will then send you an email. Please make sure to have your certificate of insurance and licenses ready for the following steps. The registration and use of InstaFreight is free of charge.

Which documents do I require to be activated?
Every carrier requires a valid VAT-ID. In addition to that, German companies either need to provide us with an extract of the commercial register (Handelsregister), or in the case of sole proprietors and companies constituted under civil law (GbRs) with the business registration (Gewerbeanmeldung). Please be aware that name and addresses on all documents should match the information that you have provided us. In the case of sole proprietors and GbRs, the name of the proprietors should be mentioned explicitly.
Additionally, depending on your fleet we also require the following documents:
What do I have to do after I uploaded the documents?
As soon as you have uploaded all documents, you should click on “get verified”. Subsequently, we will verify your documents. Once all documents are available to us and meet our quality standards, we will activate you and you will have access to the carrier portal. It is needless to say that we send you an email once your account has been activated. In case your documents don’t meet our provisions, you will receive a message.

Using InstaFreight

Are there any costs arising from the use of InstaFreight?
No, the use of InstaFreight is free. You will be paid for each transport that you successfully carry out with us without any commissions or fees.

When do I get paid?
We will issue you a credit note and pay you within 72 hours after successful completion of the transport with our mobile app. This means that receivables management and losses are a thing of the past. In case you don’t use our mobile app yet, you will get paid within 30 days.

Who provides the bill of lading?
The shipper issues the bill of lading for each shipment.

Which goods are excluded from shipment?
InstaFreight generally focuses on palletized goods. This makes it possible to ship a variety of goods with InstaFreight. Nevertheless, the following goods are exempt from shipment:
How do I receive more shipments?
In addition to looking for loads in the “Spot shipments” and “Recurring shipments” sections, you could proactively add your preferred routes and fleet information to your profile. For example, you should provide us with the origin and destination country and the respective postal codes of routes on which you are regularly looking for backloads or are operating frequently. As soon as we receive a request that matches the details you provided, we will contact you! In order to receive more suitable offers it also would be beneficial for you to add detailed information about your fleet.

I don’t use InstaFreight and would like to cancel my registration. What should I do?
We regret that you were not able to find any suitable shipments on InstaFreight. If you’d like to use InstaFreight at a later stage, you could unsubscribe from all notifications and reminders. To do so you’ll have to log in to your account and go to “Account” and then to “Notifications” where you should remove all check marks in the ticked boxes. Nevertheless, if you want your account to be deleted you just have to inform us by writing an email to [email protected].
Subsequently, we will ensure that your account and the data provided by you will be deleted.